Zwicker and Associates

Zwicker and associates imageZwicker and Associates is a law firm that specializes in collecting unpaid debt. It is reported that they work with American Express to collect on default credit card accounts. Along with many other creditors.

Zwicker and Associates is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts. There are a number of consumer complaints about them being a determined, persistent, and harassing debt collector. There are complaints from consumers claiming Zwicker has:

  • Made harassing phone calls to their place of employment
  • Attempted to collect accounts, that are too old
  • Using threats of legal action in the form of filing civil lawsuits

In other words, there are claims that Zwicker and Associates ignore federal law. And will pursue collections on an account that is no longer valid, and consumers are not responsible to repay.

Contact Information

Zwicker & Associates, P.C.
80 Minuteman Road,
Andover, MA 01810

Phone number: 1-800-370-2251

How To Deal With Zwicker And Associates

If you are currently being contacted by Zwicker and Associates regarding a debt, you should request that your debt is validated. This can be done by sending a validation of debt letter. They will typical respond within 30 days. With giving you evidence that they own your account, and the collection rights on your debt.

We do want to caution you there are allegations that Zwicker and Associates have ignored consumer debt validation requests. This is illegal! If they ignore and do not respond to your request, you should immediately contact your Attorney General. It also is smart to speak with a professional credit repair lawyer. They can help you deal with Zwicker and Associates. 

How To Remove Zwicker And Associates From Your Credit Reports

If Zwicker and Associates is reporting negative information to the credit bureaus about you. It is very important that you remove this information from your credit report. This negative credit information is damaging your credit rating.

You can dispute the credit bureaus and get them to investigate the information Zwicker and Associates, has reported about your debt. This can be done by disputing credit report information, with each of the 3 major credit bureaus. You can do this by sending a dispute letter to each of the 3 credit bureaus.

How To Negotiate A Settlement Payment With Zwicker and Associates

Frequently, the total amount of your debt account, will be much more than your original debt amount. This is a result of fees and interest rates being tacked on. Often, you can negotiate to pay less than the total amount due.

This is because Zwicker and Associates and other debt collectors will purchase the collection rights for your account, for a mere fraction of the balance. It is a fact that collection agencies have paid as little as $.03 for every dollar on a debt account. For example, if Zwicker and Associates is contacting you to pay a $3,000 debt.

They may, have only paid $90 for the collection rights on that debt. This means that any amount of money you pay Zwicker over $90 would be profit for them. Don’t forget, in exchange for your payment, you must get Zwicker to agree to stop reporting your account information to the credit bureaus.

If you neglect to do this, after you settle your debt Zwicker and Associates will notify the credit bureaus and have the account information on your credit report changed to a paid collection. This is still a damaging item to have on your credit report.

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