My Vanilla Prepaid Card

Vanilla debit card imageThe My Vanilla Prepaid Card is issued as a MasterCard and a Visa debit card. This means, you must first deposit money on your Vanilla prepaid account. Then you can use your prepaid card for purchases.

The My Vanilla prepaid debit card can easily be confused with the One Vanilla Gift Card and the Vanilla Visa Gift Card, this prepaid gift card is issued as a MasterCard. The gift card is just like the My Vanilla prepaid card. Except it does not require your name and personal information.

My Vanilla Debit Card

The My Vanilla Prepaid Visa does not require a credit check. Your money is FDIC insured up to $250,000. You will be issued a personalized card with your name on it and you have access to direct deposit.

Additionally, you will be given tools to help you manage your money easily online. The My Vanilla Prepaid Visa is issued by the Bancorp Bank and offered exclusively by InComm.

With the My Vanilla Debit Card you will be protected under the Visa $0 Liability Policy. This means that just in case your My Vanilla Prepaid Visa is lost or stolen, you can report it. And you will not be responsible for any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions or charges.

How To Get It

You can apply for the My Vanilla Debit Prepaid Card by visiting: You can also purchase the card at retail locations such as CVS, Office Depot, Rite Aid, Hess, and more.

Fees For The Vanilla Prepaid Card

There is no monthly fee for this prepaid debit card. You will however have to buy a prepaid card at a retail location. You can apply online without a fee, if you purchase the My Vanilla prepaid Visa.

According to their website it will cost you up to $3.95. There is also a reload fee. This is a fee you will have to pay every time you deposit money on your Vanilla prepaid account.

According to their website you can be charged up to $3.95 to deposit money on your prepaid card, unless you use direct deposit. You can use the Vanilla reload network and deposit funds on your prepaid card instantly. You will need to purchase a reload pack at a participating retailer.

Then, call a 1-800-number, enter your pin number for your card, and your money is deposited. You can also purchase a reload pack in any amount from $20 up to $500. Additionally, some retailers may allow you to instantly reload your card at the register.

In other words, all you have to do is purchase the reload pack and the retailer would do the rest. After your purchase of the reload pack your money would instantly be deposited on your Vanilla Debit Card.

My Vanilla Prepaid Debit Card Review

If you are looking for a good prepaid Visa card, then the My Vanilla Prepaid Card may be the right choice for you. This is a very competitive fee structure offering you $0 monthly fee. For full details, please visit the advertisers website.

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