5 Top Prepaid Debit Cards

Top prepaid debit cards imageBelow, we have listed the top 5 prepaid debit cards. As always, terms and conditions are always changing, so please, see advertisers full terms before you apply.

1. Account Now Visa

The Account Now prepaid card is one of the best available. It will provide you with free direct deposit and free online bill pay. You can get a gold Visa debit card, a MasterCard, and a silver Visa card. These are offered by MetaBank and Bancorp.

2. ReadyDebit Visa

This card is issued by MetaBank. Their are no overdraft fees and no minimum balance. Their is free direct deposit, free bill payment and check writing. No credit check or ChexSystems verification.

3. GreenDot MasterCard

This is one of the most popular options. You have likely seen this advertised on television or at the counter of drug stores & gas stations. It offers free direct deposit and bill pay.

Additionally, you have access to over 18,000 ATM’s worldwide, should you need cash. We also like, that they offer many convenient places to deposit money on your card. There are over 10 million individuals with this card.

4. NetSpend Visa

This is another popular option. One of the unique features we like about this offer is they will give you a bank account earning 5% interest rate. This is done to encourage their customers to save for a rainy day, because we all know they do come! This card will give you free direct deposit and enable you to pay bills online.

5. Wired Plastic Visa

This is a relatively unknown prepaid debit card. However it is still a good choice. They have a rewards program. For every dollar you spend using the card, you receive one point that can be redeemed for music downloads, ring tones. Additionally, they have a low monthly fee of $3.95

You can find many prepaid debit cards with direct deposit, low monthly fees, and free online bill pay. Make sure you take the appropriate steps and do your research before you apply, for any offer.

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This is often done by improving your payment history. In other words, make sure you pay any current bills on time and you will create a trail of positive payment history. A prepaid card will not help to fix bad credit.

This is because your account is not reported to the major credit bureaus. If your priority is to get a credit card for rebuilding credit then you should consider a secured credit card offer. These will require you to make an upfront deposit to secure your line of credit. This is fully refundable and FDIC insured.

The benefit is your account information will be reported monthly to all three major credit bureaus. This is unlike with a prepaid debit card. For more bad credit help get a free credit consultation by calling toll-free 1-855-655-9869. For more tips and strategies with Dan Willis sign up for our free newsletter.

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