NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card

Netspend card imageThe NetSpend Debit Card is issued as a prepaid Visa or MasterCard. It will provide you with free direct deposit which can save you quite a bit of hard earned cash, if you are currently paying check cashing fees.

There is no credit check or ChexSystems verification. You can use direct deposit for paychecks, government benefit checks, state unemployment benefits (varies by state), pension payments, tax refunds, and more.

This will allow you quicker access to your money, up to 48 hrs. All you have to do to sign up is log into your online account (once you have the card) and print a form. Turn this form into your employer and within the next pay period or two, your checks will go right into your account.

A great feature they also offer is you can get a free text or email alert when the deposit has been made! This all free for your payment issuer and more important for you! Additionally you can load cash or a check to your card at over 100,000 retail locations, this is one of the biggest networks for prepaid cards with direct deposit. These locations include: grocery stores, gas stations, WesterUnion, MoneyGram, and more.

Where Can I Use My NetSpend Prepaid Card

Your card will be accepted both online and over the phone. You can use it everywhere you see the MasterCard or Visa logo displayed including internationally. It will be accepted to rent a car, or rent a hotel room.

And it is covered under a $0 Liability Policy which is insurance that your money is safe in case your card is stolen or misplaced. This will provide you with the buying power of a Visa or MasterCard. With today’s ever increasingly technology driven economy you almost have to have plastic, without it you can not make the same purchases.

Online Bill Payment

If you are currently paying for expensive money orders then getting a NetSpend prepaid debit card is almost a must. You will be given access in your online interface to send payments to businesses or individuals.

In other words, your payment will be sent as a check and can be used to pay bills, individuals, and even send money to friends. This is convenient and you can use it from anywhere including your mobile phone. And it all comes without the expense of even paying postage!

Money Management Tools

You will have access to your account and customer service 24/7. Additionally you can sign up for “Anytime Alerts” this will keep you updated on your account activity (bill payments made, deposits, balance, etc.)

You also get free tools to help you create a budget and stay with in it. And best of all you can earn cash back rewards with this prepaid reloadable credit card.

Netspend Prepaid Debit Card

In sum, this is one of the best prepaid card offers on the market. They are a leader in the industry and we are huge fans of cash back rewards program. We have yet to find another card that offers a cash back program.

It can also save you a bundle of cash every year with free direct deposit and online bill pay. It is a great alternative to a checking account and gives you a Visa or MasterCard in your pocket. There is no credit check and your approval is guaranteed. You will never pay a bounced check fee or overdraft fee. For full details and to apply online visit

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