Net First Platinum Credit Card – Dirty Little Secret

Net First Platinum Credit Card ImageDid the Net First Platinum Credit Card arrive in your mailbox with a pre-approved offer? This credit card sounds great! Giving you a $500 unsecured credit line, 0% APR, and guaranteed approval!

The Net First Platinum Card Revealed

Bottom line the Net First Platinum Credit Card is not a real MasterCard or Visa credit card for bad credit. Nor, is it any other type of major credit card that will be accepted at retail locations. Let us clarify and repeat this dirty little secret, you will not be able to use the Net First Platinum Credit Card at your grocery store, Walmart, gas station, and retail stores.

Where Is The Net First Platinum Credit Card Accepted?

It is true that that Net First Platinum will give you a $500 credit line, with 0% APR, and that you are guaranteed to be approved. This is because your credit card is only accepted at one retail location. This is located online at

These credit cards are commonly referred to as merchandise, shopping, or catalog credit cards. The reason Net First will give you such a great deal is because they also sell you the merchandise that you can purchase with this credit card. It is very similar to a department store credit card. You are only able to use a Best Buy Credit Card at Best Buy locations.

One big difference though is the Net First Platinum Credit Card does not have a location at your local mall. As you probably expect the quality of merchandise that you can buy with your Net First Platinum Credit Card is not great. There are reports from consumers comparing the merchandise to a high-priced dollar store.

In other words, you will pay a whole lot more money for very low quality goods. Additionally, there are all types of fees and monthly enrollment packages that you are automatically opted into and will be charged for when you get your Net First Platinum Credit Card.

One of these monthly fees is almost $30. We are unable to see one quality benefit that you will be given. In exchange for $30 every month! If you are thinking that of getting this credit card for building credit you may want to think again.

It you look at the fine print at You will see that Net First Platinum says “reports to major bureau.” This is done to give you the illusion that this is a credit card for rebuilding credit. And in fairness it could potentially build a small amount of positive credit.

In reality, your Net First Platinum Credit Card will only be reported to one credit bureau. Instead, of all three major credit bureaus. Your account is not going to be reported as an unsecured credit card. Instead your account will be given much less weight because your credit card is not the same as a regular credit card.

Your account is not really a credit card account in the traditional sense. You can not use it for purchases in retail locations. We would strongly advise you to avoid the Net First Platinum Credit Card and any other similar offers! We feel these are predatory credit card issuers, that are preying on individuals with less than perfect credit.  

We believe their practices are less than ethical. And they are less than forthcoming with the terms of their credit card offer. We have yet to hear anyone say anything positive about the Net First Platinum Credit Card. For full details visit Instead, there are many reports about it being a financial nightmare!

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