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Midland Funding LLC imageAre you being contacted by Midland Funding LLC? If so, it is regarding repayment of a debt. Midland Funding is one of the largest junk debt buyers in this country and an affiliate of the Encore Capital Group. They will collect on the many types of debts including:

  • Credit card charge offs
  • Delinquent medical bills
  • Utilities
  • Cell phone services
  • And more

Did you know Midland Funding is notorious for filing civil lawsuits for repayment of a debt? This means they’ll often file a lawsuit to collect on a debt. Legal experts estimate that up to 90% of lawsuits filed by debt collectors result in a default judgement.

A default judgement means the consumer did not show up in court to defend themselves. And the judge was forced to find in favor of the collection agency by default. If Midland Funding LLC is able to get a judgement against you, you can potentially have your wages garnished and even liens placed against you.

Your credit score will be demolished with a judgement on your credit report. This is one of the most derogatory items to have on your credit, and it just short of a bankruptcy.

Midland Funding LLC Is Suing You?

There are many allegations that Midland Funding is illegally suing consumers for repayment of a debt. There are even State Attorney Generals suing Midland Funding LLC for filing fraudulent lawsuits against consumers.

The most common complaint we have seen, is several Attorney Generals from Minnesota, West Virginia, and Ohio claim, that Midland Funding LLC is signing and filing fraudulent affidavits. The affidavit is what proves the existence of your debt.

This is what the court uses as evidence of your debt account. There was an employee of Midland Funding that testified in court that he was responsible for signing up to 400 affidavits daily! This testimony confirmed that Midland Funding was acting fraudulently and illegally!

Contact Information

Midland Funding LLC
8875 Aero Drive

Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123

Phone number: 1-858-309-6970
Website: http://www.midlandfunding.com/

3 Steps To Protect Yourself

What to do exactly is going to depend on what steps Midland Funding has already taken against you. If you follow the 3 steps below you can protect yourself, your credit, and your pocketbook.

1. How To Deal With Midland Funding LLC

Are you currently dealing with phone calls and letters demanding payment? Then you should request debt validation. This is going to require Midland Funding to prove this is your debt account. They should respond within 30 days of getting your validation of debt letter.

When they respond they will show you legal evidence that your account is within the statute of limitations. And that they own the collection rights on your debt account. Most debts accounts, consumers are only legally responsible for repayment for typically seven years.

This will depend on what state you live in. It is called the statute of limitations. There are rumors that some debt collection agencies that will continue to attempt collections on debt accounts, they no longer own collection rights for.

Did you know some collection agencies have filed and won lawsuits against consumers that never owned the debt? In other words, the collection agencies completely dropped the ball! And have sued the wrong person! And were able to win the lawsuit. Clearly, it is very important to know how to deal with collection agencies to protect yourself!

2. They Have a Judgment Against Me

If Midland Funding LLC has a judgement against you. We recommend you get professional help from credit lawyers immediately. This is a very serious matter and depending on what state you live in, you could have your wages garnished and liens placed against you for repayment. 

3. Midland Funding LLC Is Suing Me

Are you are being sued by Midland Funding LLC? The most important thing you can do is, show up for your court date! If you have a scheduling conflict you shouldn’t have a problem requesting a different court date. If you are not in a financial position to make payments, it’s no problem! You should still go to the court hearing and defend yourself.

If you don’t, then the judge has no choice but to find in favor of Midland Funding LLC and find you responsible for repayment. This is precisely what debt collectors hope for when they sue you! When consumers don’t show up to defend themselves, the collection agency wins automatically!

If your dealing with Midland Funding LLC, please be cautious. There are many reports of unethical and illegal behavior! Not to mention, local authorities taking action against this collection agency! You don’t have to hire a professional for help, but it may be to your benefit.

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