KAIKU Prepaid Visa Card

Kaiku card imageThe KAIKU prepaid card is a Visa debit card. It is issued by First California Bank.

How the KAIKU prepaid card works

1. Apply for the KAIKU prepaid Visa

Apply for your KAIKU prepaid Visa card by visiting https://www.kaiku.com/. A few days later, you will get in the mail your personalized prepaid Visa card, with your name on it.

2. Activate your prepaid card

You’re going to need to visit a website or call a 1-800 number to activate your prepaid card. This is just way to verify that you did receive your KAIKU prepaid card.

3. Deposit funds to your KAIKU account

With your KAIKU card you are provided in six different ways to deposit money on your account. The most common is direct deposit. You can use this for free. You will need to login to your online KAIKU account and print up a form, fill in the necessary information, and turn that form into your employer.

Then your paycheck will be directly deposited onto your KAIKU card prepaid account. This will help you avoid check-cashing fees and it will give you quicker access to your money. You can also transfer money for free, from a bank account.

You can deposit cash at MoneyGram locations or by using a Visa ReadyLink. Additionally you can use a credit card to fund your KAIKU prepaid account. And you can load money on your KAIKU card for free, using PayPal. Lastly you are given the convenience of transferring money from one KAIKU card holder to another KAIKU account, without any fees.

4. Use your KAIKU prepaid card online, worldwide, over the phone…

Your KAIKU prepaid Visa card is going to be accepted all over the world. You can use it internationally and is a safe way to travel with money. It is also going to be accepted online. You can use it over the phone and it will be accepted everywhere you see the Visa logo displayed.

Fees KAIKU card

There is no activation fee, or card purchase fee. You will however be responsible for paying a $1.95 monthly fee, which is very low compared to other prepaid credit cards. Many competitors charge $9.95 a month. There are some ATM fees.

However if you use one of the 50,000 domestic or international partner ATMs, you can withdraw money and check your balance for free. These partner ATMs are called ‘in-network Allpoint’ ATM and are located in all major cities according to the KAIKU website.

Review of the KAIKU Prepaid Visa

The KAIKU prepaid Visa card is a good option. They have very low fees and we like that there is a low monthly charge of only a $1.95. If you are looking for a prepaid Visa card we would encourage you to consider the KAIKU prepaid Visa debit card.

Your KAIKU card is covered by the Visa $0 liability policy in case of theft or unauthorized use. Your account is FDIC insured. And with your KAIKU card you will be given 24/7 free customer support, online account access, and you can sign up for free text alerts to help you manage your money for free.

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