Bluebird Prepaid Card by American Express and Walmart

Bluebird card imageThe Bluebird card is a prepaid debit card designed to give every consumer an alternative to increasing bank fees. According to the Wall Street Journal the average monthly fee on a checking account is $5.48, a record high.

The big banks say this is due to the economy and regulations. With the Bluebird American Express debit card you will not be charged a monthly fee, annual fee, or any overdraft fees. Additionally there is no minimum balance requirements.

How To Apply For The Bluebird Prepaid Card

1. Apply online at

Visit and you can fill out an application online. If you apply online you will not have to pay any fees for your Bluebird card. You should receive your card in the mail in 7 to 10 business days.

2. Visit a Walmart location

You can buy a Bluebird account setup kit at Walmart store locations. This has a cost of $5 and you will need to register your card online at Additionally you will still receive a personalized Bluebird card with your name printed on it in 7 to 10 business days.

3. Download the bluebird mobile app

Yes, you can download the Bluebird mobile app from the App Store or Google play. And register for your Bluebird American Express prepaid card through the mobile app, directly on your cellphone.

Bluebird Prepaid Card Fees

There is a $0 monthly fee, annual fee, and activation fee. Additionally there is a $0 direct deposit fee on paychecks, transferring money from a checking or savings account, and depositing cash on your card at Walmart locations. The only fees you will be responsible to pay are as follows:

  • $2 fee if you deposit money onto your Bluebird card from another debit card.
  • $2 fee if you attempt to withdraw money at an ATM machine that is not located in Walmart or on the MoneyPass Network ATMs (MoneyPass network ATM’s without fees are only for cardholders using direct deposit).

This is hands down the cheapest, most affordable, and most cost-effective prepaid card we have seen. The debit card market has become very competitive with big banks such as Capital One, Discover, and Chase Prepaid getting into the mix.

The Bluebird prepaid card requires you to first deposit money before you can use your card for purchases. As a result of this being a prepaid card, you will not be charged any overdraft or bounced check fees. The Bluebird American Express prepaid card is going to act just like a checking account.

You can use direct deposit for your paycheck. And you can send electronic bill payments or use your Bluebird card to pay your bills over the phone. Your going to be given access to the prepaid American Express award winning customer service department to handle your needs.

Other prepaid reloadable debit card offers have notoriously hidden in the fine print fees to talk to a live customer service representative but with the American Express Bluebird. You can also use your Bluebird card at ATMs on the money pass network. This includes ATMs located inside Walmart retail locations.

Another great feature is you are able to get sub-accounts for family members. For example, you could get a sub-account for your teenager to begin teaching them about financial responsibility. You will be given a free online account access. And you can sign up for free e-mail and text alerts about your account activity, balances, etc.

Some other unique benefits with the Bluebird through American Express Prepaid include roadside assistance, global assist services which offers travel emergency medical and legal assistance when you’re traveling 100 miles from home.

Entertainment access which will provide you special savings on advance tickets to some music, sports, and theater events, and of course 24/7 access to the American Express award-winning customer service team. You also will be covered under fraud protection, which means you will not be responsible if your card is lost or stolen.

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