How To Remove Collections From Credit Report

If you’re suffering the impact of collections on your credit report, the first item of note is that it matters not if it’s a paid or unpaid collection. It’s still a negative item and it’ll damage your credit score. It’s true, the older a negative listing is the less influence it’ll have on your credit […]

CAC Financial Collection Agency – 5 Tips To Fight Back

CAC Financial is an independent third party collection agency, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They’ll service a variety of types of accounts including medical bills in collections, along with charged off debt. It’s mission critical that you’re aware of your rights when dealing with debt collectors. The most important piece of legislation is the FDCPA, […]

How To Remove Bad Credit

The very first step to remove bad credit items on your credit history, is to get a copy of all three of your credit reports. You can do this for free, by visiting You’re entitled to a copy of each of your credit reports, once every 12 months. The unavoidable truth is your credit […]

Do Credit Repair Companies Work

In short, yes credit repair companies do work to remove questionable listings on your credit report. First, let us share how exactly your credit score is calculated. FICO the company that provides over 90% of all credit scores, will get all three of your credit reports. According to their website they’ll look at your payment […]

How To Increase Your Credit Score – 3 Tips

The first place to start is with your credit score, this three digit number is calculated by FICO. They’ll calculate your credit score by using the information on your three major credit reports with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. There’s five big pieces of data that will determine your credit score, this includes your payment history […]

Credit Repair Companies – The Scoop

The main advantage of hiring a professional credit repair company to work on your behalf, is it’ll provide you with a hands off, stress-free, and effective way of improving your credit score. It’s true you can perform the vast majority of these tasks yourself, much like you can change the oil on your car, but […]

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is the preeminent leader in professional credit repair services. They’ve been helping consumers since 1991, and over 1/2 million clients have used their services. In 2013 they removed 4,833,329 negative items from their clients credit reports. You see, if you’re working to rebuild your credit, you’ll need to remove the negative, derogatory items […]

NCO Financial – Collection Agency

NCO Financial is a third party collection agency. In other words, they’ve purchased the rights to your debt, from the original lender, creditor, or another debt collector. And it’s possible, the lender, and NCO are working together to collect payment from you. You’re likely getting phone calls, threatening letters, and have bad credit as a […]

Experian Dispute – The Process

If you’ve discovered incorrect, questionable, or inaccurate information on your Experian credit report, you’re entitled to dispute, and challenge these items. The Fair Credit Reporting Act passed way back in 19070, gives you the right to dispute any questionable listings on your credit report. The very first step is to get a copy of your […]