Glass Mountain Capital

Glass Mountain Capital, also known as GMC Credit Services, is an independent debt collection agency. They’ll service a variety of types of consumer debt with the majority of their work in the financial industry, such as charged off credit card accounts. They’re headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois. It’s mission critical that you fully grasp the debt […]

Default Judgment – 4 Consumer Tips To Fight Back

A default judgment means you’ve been sued in a court of law and either failed to respond or appear on your court date. Thus the judge had no choice but to award a default judgment against you. It’s outstandingly common for debt collectors to pursue judgments against consumers, with a reported 90% of all lawsuits […]

Central Portfolio Control – Revealed Your Consumer Rights

Central Portfolio Control is an independent third party debt collector, headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. They’ll service a variety of types of consumer debt including: financial services, auto loans, charged off credit cards, retail accounts, and more. It’s mission critical that you fully grasp your consumer rights, granted under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act […]

Top Credit Repair Companies – Credit Repair Reviews

The purpose of this article is to explain exactly how do credit repair companies work on your behalf to fix your credit. First, you don’t have to hire anyone, you can do it all yourself. However you move forward it’s important to understand this won’t happen overnight. However the false belief that you must just […]

Receivables Management – 4 Keys To Battle RMC Collections

Receivables Management Corporation is an independent third party collection agency. They’ll service a vast array of types of consumer accounts including: medical debt, retail, charged off debt, and many more. They’re headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina and were founded in 1992. It’s mission critical to fully grasp your consumer rights when dealing with Receivables Management […]

Immediate Credit Recovery – How To Battle ICR Collections

Immediate Credit Recovery is a third party collection agency, headquartered in Upstate New York. They’ll service a variety of types of consumer debts including: defaulted student loans, medical debt, utilities, government debt, and more. It’s mission critical to fully understand your rights as a consumer when you’re dealing with Immediate Credit Recovery. The Fair Debt […]

How To Remove Judgement From Credit Report – 3 Methods

It’s devastating to your credit worthiness if you’ve been slapped with a judgement on credit report files. This is one of the most damaging credit report listings, short only of a bankruptcy and foreclosure. It’ll virtually guarantee sky high interest rates, large upfront deposits, not to mention the embarrassment of a bad credit history. There’s […]

Progressive Financial Services – 5 Consumer Tips

Progressive Financial Services is a large, aggressive, third party collection agency. They’re headquartered in Tempe, Arizona and have additional offices in Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. They’re a national debt collection agency. And they’ll service a variety of types of consumer debt including: defaulted student loans, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, government, medical debt, charged off credit […]

The Ironclad Credit Bureau Dispute Process

There’s been abundant research into the accuracy of credit reporting and all with wildly different findings. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) invested eight years studying this issue and they concluded that one in five American’s credit reports contain an error. Further one in ten American’s credit report contain an error that can lower their credit […]