How To Remove Bankruptcy From Credit Report

Recently we received a question from one of our members who for confidentiality purposes we’ll call Joe. His question is: “I have a bankruptcy due to medical bills after a serious car wreck and my question is, is it legally possible to remove a bankruptcy from my report? I’ve always been told a bankruptcy will […]

First Source Advantage – Fighting First Source Collections

First Source Advantage is a large and aggressive collection agency. They specialize on servicing many types of accounts including: charged off credit cards, medical bill collections, student loans, telecommunications, and more. They’re located in Amherst, New York and according to their website have over 1200 agents working for them, beginning in 1971. It’s mission critical […]

How To Boost Your Credit Score – 7 Proven Ways

Taking action to boost your credit score can be very overwhelming to put it mildly. There’s an abundance of conflicting information and this leaves most consumers feeling as if they’re living in the ancient biblical story of David versus Goliath. The purpose of this article is to cut through all the baloney and give you […]

Transworld Systems – 5 Keys To Fight Transworld Collections

Transworld Systems Inc. is a large third party collection agency with over 100 locations nationwide. They’ll service a variety of accounts including medical collections, charged off credit cards, retail accounts, universities, government, and more. According to their website they’ve collected over $6 billion in the past decade. They claim to work with over 60,000 clients […]

Clean Credit Report Errors – 5 Key Tips

Surely you’ve heard it’s smart to keep an eye on your credit reports to avoid being slapped with an error, inaccuracy, and derogatory item. There’s been tremendous amounts of research into the accuracy of credit reporting and without encouraging results. According to a study by the U.S Public Interest Group 79% of credit reports contain […]

Stellar Recovery Collection Agency – 5 Steps To Fight Back

Stellar Recovery Inc. is an aggressive third-party collection agency. They specialize in servicing charged off debt accounts including telecommunications, auto loans, utilities, and more. They have two office’s located in Jacksonville, Florida, and Kalispell, Montana. The purpose of this article is to show you exactly step by step how to fight back against Stellar Recovery […]

Credit Repair Companies Reviews – 3 Best Credit Repair Firms

The best credit repair companies will legally remove questionable and negative listings from your credit reports. This is the information that’s damaging and dragging many consumers credit score into the dump. They’ll do this primarily by using the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This piece of legislation gives you and every consumer the right to […]

AmSher Collection Services – How To Fight AmSher Collections

AmSher Collection Services is an independent debt collector, located in Birmingham, Alabama. They’re a third party collection agency that’s either purchased the rights to your account, or is working on a consignment deal with the original creditor. AmSher Collection Services will collect on a variety of types of accounts including: T-Mobile cellular phone service, government, […]

Repair Credit Score – 5 Strategies

Taking action to repair your credit score can be overwhelming. Where to begin, what exactly should you do, and how long is it going to take? The big picture goal is to show current responsible use, along with removing negative items from your credit history. You see the credit scoring algorithm is a complex beast, […]

First Collection Services – 4 Steps To Fight Back

First Collection Services is a large third party debt collector. They’re located in Arkansas and have been operating since 1969. They’ll service a variety of types of accounts and they’ve likely come into possession of your account by purchasing the rights from the original lender. The two big mistakes consumers often commit when dealing with […]