Enterprise Recovery Systems – 4 Keys For ERS Collections

Enterprise Recovery Systems is a large third party collection agency. They’ve been in business since 1988 and are headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. The bulk of their collection work is done servicing defaulted student loans, however they’ll also service logistic and government debts. For example they’ll collect payment on parking violations, court fees, traffic tickets, […]

Medical Debt – 4 Tips For Medical Bills In Collections

One of the immediate results of Obamacare and free health care for all, has been the skyrocketing of insurance deductibles. Yet our politicians completely disregard the fact that medical debt has been and continues to be the leading cause for people to file bankruptcy. The worst part is most people with astronomical medical debt, are […]

Pioneer Credit Recovery – How To Fight Pioneer Collections

Pioneer Credit Recovery is an aggressive and very large collection agency. They’re headquartered in New York and have additional offices in New Jersey, Florida, and Indiana. According to their website they employ over 1000 people. Pioneer Credit Recovery will collect upon a variety of consumer types of debt, but specialize in government contracts. For instance […]

Bad Credit History and Tips To Fix Bad Credit

It’s very challenging to live a so called normal life when you’re suffering from a bad credit history. It feels as if every door is closed to you and on the rare chance someone will give you credit, you know with certainty the fees and interest will be as expensive as your first born child. […]

Keystone Collections Group – Your Consumer Rights

The Keystone Collections Group is a large, third party, debt collector with over 30 years experience. They’re headquartered in Irwin, Pennsylvania and specialize in servicing government tax collection including income and real estate taxes, along with water, garbage, and sewer fees. It’s mission critical to address this issue immediately because Keystone Collections has the legal […]

How To Fix Credit – 7 Strategies To Fix Your Credit Score

If you’re suffering from less than perfect credit, take comfort in knowing you can legally fix your credit. Naturally it won’t happen overnight but you can achieve this worthy goal much faster than just waiting seven long, expensive, and embarrassing years. The big picture goal is to clear credit history dings and derogatory listings, because […]

Enhanced Recovery Company – How To Fight ERC Collections

The Enhanced Recovery Company is an aggressive third party debt collector. This is one of the largest collection agencies headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and according to their website they employ over 2,200 people and have 11 office locations. They’ll service a variety of types of consumer debts including retail, communications, insurance, financial services, utilities, and […]

How To Remove Late Payments From Credit Report

Late payments on your credit report will ding and damage your credit score. However the severity and impact will depend upon a few factors. First how recent is the late payment? Obviously the more recent the more damage it will have to your credit score. The second important item is the type of late payment, […]

MRS Associates – 5 Tips To Fight MRS Collections

MRS Associates is an aggressive collection agency originally founded in 1991. They’ll service a variety of types of consumer debt including: government, education, financial service, auto, retail, health care, utilities, telecommunications, and more. This is a large debt collector headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with additional offices in Ohio, and Arizona. Further this collection […]

Judgement On Credit Report – Consumer Help

Discovering a judgement on credit report files is a devastating experience. Not only will it obliterate your credit worthiness, it can also lead to your wages being garnished, having your assets seized, and even liens placed against you or on your property. Moreover a judgement on credit report files is one of the worst items […]